Cosmas Haryawan, Maria Mediatrix Sebatubun


University is one of the educational institutions and can be established by the government or the individual. At this time, Indonesia has hundreds of universities spread throughout the region. As an educational institution, university of course must be able to educate its students and issue quality graduates with the academically and non-academically qualified. In its implementation, there are many problems that should be resolved as well as possible, such as when there are students who intentionally stop or disappear before completing their education or are even unable to complete their education and issued by institution (dropout).

Based on these problems, this research makes a model for predicting students who have the potential to fail or dropout during their studies using one of the data mining methods namely Multilayer Perceptron by referring to personal and academic data. The results obtained from this research are 86.9% an accuracy rate with the 54.7% sensitivity, and 95.4% specificity. This research is expected to be used to determine the need strategies to minimize the number of students who stop or dropout.

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