Muhammad Ihsan Diputra, Ahmad Akbar Megantara, Pima Hani Safitri, Didik Purwanto


Wireless multimedia sensor network (WMSN) is one of broad wide application for developing a smart city. Each node in the WMSN has some primary components: sensor, microcontroller, wireless radio, and battery. The components of WMSN are used for sensing, computing, communicating between nodes, and flexibility of placement. However, the WMSN technology has some weakness, i.e. enormous power consumption when sending a media with a large size such as image, audio, and video files. Research had been conducted to reduce power consumption, such as file compression or power consumption management, in the process of sending data. We propose Green Communication (GeCom), which combines power control management and file compression methods to reduce the energy consumption. The power control management method controls data transmission. If the current data has high similarity with the previous one, then the data will not be sent. The compression method compresses massive data such as images before sending the data. We used the low energy image compression algorithm algorithm to compress the data for its ability to maintain the quality of images while producing a significant compression ratio. This method successfully reduced energy usage by 2% to 17% for each data.   

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