Nafa Zulfa, Hafara Firdausi, Rakha Asyrofi


Supply chain management (SCM) system is an essential requirement for companies and manufacturers to collaborate in doing business. There are many techniques to manage supply chains, such as using Excel sheets and web-based applications. However, these techniques are ineffective, insecure, and prone to human error. In this paper, we propose CLOUTIDY, a cloud-based SCM system using SEMAR (Service Market) and Blockchain system. We modify JUGO architecture to develop SEMAR as a broker between users and cloud service providers. Also, we apply the Blockchain concept to store the activity log of the SCM system in a decentralized database. CLOUTIDY system can solve several common cases: service selection, resource provisioning, authentication and access control. Also, it improves the security of data by storing each activity log of the supply chain management system in the Blockchain system.

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