Taufiq Odhi Dwi Putra, Adi S. S. Ansyah, Miftahol Arifin, Royyana M. Ijtihadie


Replication is a data distribution technique for synchronization between databases so that data remains consistent. Replication can overcome data loss problems and perform system recovery quickly if a problem occurs on one of the servers. One of the problems is when a natural disaster occurs at the server location. As a result, if you do not have data replication in different locations, it will cause the system to not run and possibly lose data. Then, geo-replication can reduce latency because the distance between the client and the data center is much closer. The application of geo-replication in general replicates data in all data centers. As a result, the cost of implementation is high because it requires a lot of resources. Because of the various advantages and disadvantages in its application, it is necessary to group geo-replication techniques to make it easier for researchers and technicians to adjust as needed. Therefore, this paper surveys the articles on Geo-replication techniques to implement cost-effectiveness and latency. The articles surveyed included a method for selecting replication sites, a method for reducing round trip time, a method according to data type, and selecting a leader to determine which server node to use. The results of the article survey show that implementing geo-replication for cost-effectiveness is more suitable for use in systems where all users do not need to access all data. Meanwhile, low latency is more suitable for systems used by various types of users. This paper can utilize the techniques that have been reviewed to overcome the problem of cost-effectiveness and latency in implementing Geo-replication.

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