Afrizal Laksita Akbar, Chastine Fatichah, Ahmad Saikhu


Personal identification can be done by using face, fingerprint, palm prints, eye’s retina, or voice recognition which commonly called as biometric methods. Face recognition is the most popular and widely used among those biometric methods. However, there are some issues in the implementation of this method: lighting factor, facial expression, and attributes (chin, mustache, or wearing some accessories). In this study, we propose a combination method of Discrete Wavelet Transform and Stationary Wavelet Transform that able to improve the image quality, especially in the small-sized image. Moreover, we also use Histogram Equalization in order to correct noises such as over or under exposure, Discrete Cosine Transform in order to transform the image into frequency domain, and Deep Neural Networks in order to perform the feature extraction and classify the image. A 10-fold cross-validation method was used in this study. As the result, the proposed method showed the highest accuracy up to 92.73% compared to Histogram Equalization up to 80.73%, Discrete Wavelet Transform up to 85.85%, Stationary Wavelet Transform up to 64.27%, Discrete Cosine Transform up to 89.50%, the combination of Histogram Equalization, Discrete Wavelet Transform, and Stationary Wavelet Transform up to 69.77%, and the combination of Stationary Wavelet Transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform, and Histogram Equalization up to 77.39%.

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